It is our policy to contact you if your child does not arrive when they are expected, so please let us know if your child is unable to attend a session, for example, if they are unwell (07842 537 473). If your child becomes unwell during a session, we will phone and ask you to collect them. It is very important that we have up-to-date contact details for you and any other person(s) who can collect your child if necessary. We are unable to admit children who have a temperature, sickness and diarrhoea or a contagious infection or disease. We comply with Public Health England's guidelines on infection control in childcare settings. If your child is taking any medicine while attending, please inform the Play Leader.

Accidents and Injuries

If your child has an accident or is injured whilst at Jigsaw we will complete an accident form. You will be asked to sign this form when collecting the child and will be given a copy. We will contact you if we feel your child needs to go home following an accident. We ask that you make a member of staff aware of any accidents or injuries that have happened outside of preschool, and fill in a ‘pre-existing injury form’ when you drop your child off.

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