Collection and Drop Off

Morning sessions start at 9am and finish at 12pm. Afternoon sessions start at 12pm and finish at 3pm. Parents are asked to wait at the main gate (by the Children’s Centre) at the start and end of the sessions until invited to enter by a member of staff. This is because gates are kept locked at all other times in order to keep the children safe. On arriving, your child will quickly learn where to leave their things in the cloakroom area and how to find their name and place it in the box. You can then bring them into the playroom. Please sign the register on the desk near the door. There will be some activities out ready for children to get busy, and staff will be on hand if you have any questions or concerns. At collecting times we ask parents to wait in the cloakroom until asked to come through, as this helps us to keep everything calm and organised, and gives us chance to feedback any news or information to you. There may be work or letters to collect from your child’s drawer. Please keep us up to date with collection arrangements as we can only allow children to leave with an adult as authorised on their registration form, or in the collection book kept with the register. For added security we operate a password system.

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