A Day at Jigsaw

The Morning

Our Day starts at 9.00am when children are dropped off in the playroom by their parents. Parents sign the register and then leave. There will be two or three activities out on the tables ready for the children to start with straight away. Some children find it harder to settle down, and parents can stay for as long as their child needs to feel comfortable in the setting.

Free play time

Children can also get out the toys they want to play with. Children are taught that drawers with two 'smilies' smilesmile on are heavy and need two children to lift, whereas drawers with one 'smily' smile are fine to get out on your own. This way children can make independent choices and stay safe. Play provides young children with opportunities to learn and develop through doing and talking. We plan and provide a range of play activities which help children to make progress in each of the areas of learning and development. There is always a mix of free choice and adult-led activities, and children have lots of opportunities to play individually and with friends.

Snack time

Midway through the morning children are encouraged to help tidy up in readiness for snack time. The tables are cleared and all children wash their hands. Children take it in turns to collect plates and drinks (water or milk) for everyone on the table. A member of staff hands round snack, which are likely to be a cracker or bread with butter, jam or marmite. There may also be some fruit or vegetables for children to try (check on the noticeboard for what the snack is that day). Children are encouraged to spread their own butter etc.

Playing outside

After snack time, the children are then encouraged to play outside (although they don't have to), and there are always at least two staff members outside to play games and supervise the children. There are lots of opportunities for the children to play outside – the outdoor space is fully fenced and secure, with a covered area and a soft play surface. There are vehicles, climbing frame, play houses and a mud kitchen as well as other resources to play with outside (like the hands-on pretend fire pit or dinosaur land).


Group activities

Towards the end of the morning session, there will be 'carpet time' and all children will be asked to sit on the carpet for a group activity. Each day a member of staff goes through the day of the week, the month, and the weather using the soft velcro calendar. Children may listen to a story, sing songs and rhymes, or have time for 'show and tell'. Then those children going home will collect their things and sit and wait for their parents, while those staying for lunch will play on the carpet with toys and games supervised by a staff member. The children coming for the afternoon session will join in playing on the carpet until all the parents have left, then everyone washes their hands and sits around the tables having lunch.


Staff are on hand to help in any child asks for help. We encourage children to eat their sandwiches first and provide parents with suggestions for a healthy and balanced packed lunch. After lunch, toys get brought out again and activities set out on the tables. The afternoon session follows a similar pattern to the morning. There is snack time half way through the afternoon and the day is rounded up with group activities on the carpet.

This only a guide to a 'typical' day. We often have themed activities depending on the time of year, and sometimes we have visitors coming into the playroom. It is lovely when we have parents or friends of Jigsaw coming in to talk about or show the children something they do or bringing in a pet or craft activity.  If you would be prepared to do something like this, please contact our playleaders and they will be very please to hear from you. You can find out what activities have been going on during the day at Jigsaw by looking at the noticeboard on the way into Jigsaw.

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