How to Get in touch with Jigsaw

Jigsaw Preschool,
c/o The Bellbird Primary School,
Link Road, Sawston,
Cambridge CB22 3GB.  
Telephone: 07842 537473

To contact us, please ring our mobile number (and leave a message if you cannot get through immediately). You can also ring the Bellbird Primary School on 01223 833216 and ask to be put through to Jigsaw.

At Jigsaw we treat the safety and security of our children as a high priority. Parents and visitor are therefore unable to get into the premises during session times unless met by a staff member.

When visiting Jigsaw Preschool, please sign in at reception at the Bellbird School, who will ring through and we will come out to meet you at the side gate. Alternatively, ring our mobile and we can come out to meet you.

If you have any reason to make a complaint about Jigsaw Preschool, as a first step we would appreciate it if you came in and talked to one of the Preschool Manager about your concerns. Most issues are dealt with quickly and simply in this way. If your complaint cannot be resolved by speaking to one of the Jigsaw staff, then please put your complaint in writing to Eleanor Clapp, the chair of the management committee, and send it either by post to our address or send her an email message (see Our Committee page for the contact form).

If you want to discuss any issues about your child's progress at Jigsaw, then please speak to a member of staff or your child's key worker when you collect your child. We ensure that only a few parents at a time are in the playroom when collecting their children to enable parents to talk to Preschool Managers or staff if they want to. If you would like to e-mail our Preschool Managers, our email address is:

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