Jigsaw Preschool's Management Committee


Jigsaw Preschool is run by a team of dedicated volunteers (aka the committee). Made up of parents and community members, the committee is responsible for the following: staff recruitment and wellbeing; preparing and keeping to an affordable budget; fund raising; complying with Ofsted requirements; and representing our parents as to how Jigsaw is run. The chair of the management committee is Eleanor Clapp, whose children went to Jigsaw and who now works as a teaching assistant at the Bellbird School. Other current committee members are: Laura Lavender, Anne-Marie Irwin, Jane Scanlon, Steph Hassell and Sangeeta Adidya. We can all be found loitering outside Jigsaw or the school at various drop off or pick up times, so do come and chat to us!

At the end of September Jigsaw Preschool holds its annual meeting. We usually lose a few committee members, whose children have moved up to big school, so it is really important that new parents join the committee. Your child may have just joined Jigsaw, but you can join something new too (you don't need to have been on a committee before)! We really welcome new parents as they often have the best ideas and see things from a fresh point of view. The committee meets each half term around one of our houses in the evening. It is a legal requirement that we have a committee so without our brilliant parents giving their time and support then Jigsaw is at risk of closing.

You can email Eleanor Clapp, the Chair of our Management Committee, using this address: 

Jigsaw Preschool held its AGM on Wednesday 25 September 2019 at 7.30pm in the Jigsaw Preschool Playroom.

  Minutes from the last AGM can be found here.


  1. Welcome, apologies and signing the Members register
  2. Minutes of the last AGM and matters arising
  3. Chair's report
  4. Adoption of the constitution and policies
  5. Presentation and acceptance of accounts
  6. Resignation of current committee members
  7. Nomination and election of new committee members
  8. Agree date and time for first meeting of the new committee.

Jigsaw adopted its constitution on 5 February 2014. We used the Preschool Learning Alliance standard form, which can be found below.


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